Universal Car Back Camera In Pakistan  1,650 Save: 680(29%)

Universal Car Back Camera In Pakistan

Universal Car Back Camera In Pakistan. In the fast-paced world of automotive technology, one feature has stood the test of time and continues to revolutionize the way we drive – the universal car rear view backup camera. This small yet powerful addition to your vehicle can significantly enhance your driving experience, making parking and maneuvering safer and more convenient. Universal Car Back Camera In Pakistan

Safety First:

The primary purpose of a rear-view backup camera is to enhance safety. Traditional mirrors have limitations when it comes to providing a clear view of blind spots, especially behind the vehicle. With a rearview camera, you gain an extended field of vision, reducing the risk of accidents while reversing.

Precision Parking:

Parking can be a nerve-wracking experience, especially in tight spaces or crowded parking lots. A backup camera eliminates the guesswork by providing a clear, real-time view of what’s behind your vehicle. This precision can help you park with confidence, avoiding fender benders and scratches.

Universal Rear Back Camera Specification :

  • Brand new and high-quality Waterproof
  • Easy to install Easily mount the camera at any place on the car body
  • it could be used as a front view/side view / rear view camera Applicable to a variety of vehicles: Car, truck, RV, mini-van, etc.
  • Lens Material: 100% Glass
  • Effective Pixels: 640*480 Pixels
  • Display Pixels: 1080*720 Pixels
  • Horizontal Resolutions: 480TV Lines
  • Field View Angle: 170 deg (Diagonal), 138 deg (Horizontal), 125 deg (Vertical)

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Universal Car Rear View Back-Up Camera In Pakistan

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